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Martin's Construction is family owned and was estsblished in 1995. Since we have increased our knowledge about the construction business, we always give our best, and we are highly recommended. We started off with fencing, landscaping, roofing, small houses and renovations and greatly increased our borders. We have worked with Grand Homes for about 10 yrs and they are known to make complex roof designs. Martin's Construction services are building entire 1 or 2 story homes, kitchens, bathrooms, rooms/or additions, porch additions, roofing, fences, driveways, landscapes, tiles or wood floors and etc. We build your home from the ground up with your blueprints or we can design one for you. We are in the Dallas, FT. Worth area, call or e-mail for a free estimate for your new construction or renovation. With Martin's Construction your vision of your home becomes true.

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